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At the same time, it is the identity of our business and the motto that most accurately reflects the style and approach to our work.

We operate in 9 countries. For many years, we have been operating on the Scandinavian market - where we send hundreds of employees to over 30 key contractors.

This name-slogan represents our commitment we place every day in finding the perfect employee for our client.

Since 2015, we have been carrying out permanent and temporary recruitment for our business partners. We find employees for specific projects and provide them with full HR and payroll services.

We are We Can Do It




The goal of our activity is to show that streamlining HR processes not only reduces costs, but most of all optimizes the entire business.

Scandinavian standards

We implement this goal in the spirit of Scandinavian professionalism. What does it mean? In our work, we transfer the best practices and business solutions derived from many years of experience working in the Scandinavian market. The priority of our business is the quality of service, adaptation to individual customer needs and excellent service, focused on our Partners.

Long-term relationship

We invest in building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We approach each client individually by paying special attention to his individual needs. We meet the expectations and challenges posed by our contractors. We listen and react to the needs of our employees, each time raising the standard of cooperation conditions. In this way, we create an excellent atmosphere and awareness of mutual profit and development. Our attention is directed at both the Customer and Employee.


More than Resources

Human is a cause of HR. Excellent organization, effective logistics and work optimization do not distance us from the most important element in the system. Both the contractor's business expectations and professional needs of the employee have a source in a person. We pay a high level of respect not only to the abilities and competence of our employees, but also to the personality and identity of each of them. We know that our work has value, which is why we appreciate the work of others.

Human First

We promote the approach of employer branding - we believe that thanks to trust and creation of a positive work environment, we allow ourselves to be remembered from the most important side. Employees and customers want to work with us in the long term. We often continue cooperation with new projects. We believe that this is the right entrepreneurship model. We care about the future, not just the present.


We see value in sharing knowledge. We have completed many ambitious projects, thanks to which we had the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Staff services, enriched with proper sharing and circulation of know-how, gain a new dimension of effectiveness.


Michał Zblewski

Head of Recruitment Department

Karolina Owczarek

Human Resources Manager

Jelena Puszkin

Key Account Manager



In 1927, in newly-established city unknown Polish city, one of Polish engineers set up his office at Świętojańska 134 street.

His building ideas were born here. Numerous objects have been designed here that are part of the largest construction project of interwar Poland. During the decade, the visionary project has transformed a town of 7,000 into one of the main ports of the country with 131,000 inhabitants.

It seemed impossible. And yet, the future city of dreams flourished on these ideas and the conviction that every goal can be achieved.

With the advent of a new century - a time as heavily based on services as it used to be in industry - the first We Can Do It office was located here.

At present, the city of Gdynia together with Gdańsk and Sopot is a key metropolis for the Polish economy. The population reached a total of almost 800,000 inhabitants. There are 2 of the 3 largest Polish seaports, and the Tri-City itself has become a tourist and commercial center and a window to the world for business and people who are not afraid of challenges.

The Tri-City is a place where turbulent history combines with modern business. New residents come here, attracted by the beauty of coastal cities, as well as foreign guests. The former are often motivated by the will and the certainty of getting a better job. Among the second group, in addition to numerous tourists, many business people travel for whom a delegation to the port city is a chance to start new lucrative relationships.





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